Why Kanzaroo?

Kanzaroo combines the most popular premium payment options into one product: Direct carrier billing, In-App payments, SMS and Voice billing. This way you can enjoy secure transactions including one-time payments and subscriptions through a single interface. Short payment processes, user-friendly interface and built-in anti-fraud screening help improve user conversion.

Step 1

Start the payment process

Step 2

Follow the instructions in the payment screen

Step 3

Wait until the transaction is complete

Step 4

The amount is charged to your phone bill


Media & Content Providers

From photos to movies to live streaming, monetize web content easily

  • Instant payments with direct activation of content
  • Easy setup and localization in 30+ languages
  • Single interface for all payment options

Gaming Companies

Increase revenue through a flexible and embedded payment flow

  • Off-deck discoverability and availability of payment outside App stores
  • Extensive statistics and analysis with real-time transaction history
  • No registration or bank account details required

Payment Aggregators

Access four billion end-users through a single platform

  • Customized payment environment with white label API
  • Advanced anti-fraud screening and high data security
  • Scalability of business and competitive payout levels

Merchants & Brands

Unlock revenue and deliver a complete customer experience

  • Shopping-cart flexibility with a single payment point for multiple purchases
  • Advanced consumer support, before, during and after the transaction
  • Increased income through one-time payments and subscriptions

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