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Kanzaroo combines different and unique solutions in one state-of-the-art and comprehensive platform, offering direct carrier billing solutions, cash payments as well as traditional PSP soutions, such as credit card payments, instant SEPA and SEPA debit payments. Kanzaroo offers you the opportunity to monetize your services through one time and subscription payments. Furthermore, Kanzaroo optionally comes with a KYC Match to sercurely identify your users before or during the payment process.

Services tailored
to your needs

Media & Content Providers

From photos to movies to live streaming, monetize web content easily

Gaming and iGaming Companies

Increase revenue through a flexible and embedded payment flow

Payment Aggregators

Access four billion end-users through a single platform

Merchants & Brands

Unlock revenue and deliver a complete customer experience

for Businesses

Integrate Kanzaroo and start monetizing. Start accepting mobile and/or cash payments and bill your services, products and content directly to your user’s phone.

for Consumers

Purchase digital content without a credit card.
All you need is your phone. It is fast, easy and secure.

Kanzaroo Features

We offer a variety of innovative features that help you achieving better results and higher conversion rates through our service.

One comprehensive API for all markets and carrier billing solutions, even including an optional identiy check of the user

Include the very popular mobile payment solutions Direct Carrier Billing, SMS Billing and Pay by Call as well as cash payments

Seamless user experience for one-off and subscription payments