Kanzaroo – Cash2Token

Cash Power, Digital Speed: Ultimate Solution for Secure and Anonymous Adult Content

Product Summary

Introducing our Cash-Payment method kanzaroo Cash2Token, your perfect solution for adult entertainment internet services:

Expand Your Audience to Attract New Paying Users!

For Merchants

Zero chargebacks: Say goodbye to the hassles of chargebacks!

Cost-Effective: Better payouts compared to other cash payment methods.

Easiest possible integration: One Redirect to kanzaroo – One callback to you

For Users

No Registration: No KYC! And no need for any sign-ups or account creations for the payment process.

No Bank Account or Credit Card needed: Your customers can pay using just cash.

Complete Anonymity: Maintain your users‘ privacy and enhance their confidence in your service!

Key Product Features and Benefits

€10-€1000 per transaction, depending on the target country

Flexible price points / denomination values in most countries

Coverage: AT, CH, DE, IE, NL, PL, UK- Canada- LATAM – Africa – Philippines – Australia – adding new geos constantly!

More than 360.000 retail locations.

Payment done in three simple steps:


1. Checkout & get code


2. Scan & Pay e.g. in petrol stations 24h/day


3. Get credits & token instantly

Our service provides a solution for users who either don’t have any online payment method or prefer to remain anonymous while still being able to pay for your services.

Harness the power of anonymity and affordability, and give your business the edge it needs.

Contact us today and get started in less than a week!