Kanzaroo – DCB-AVS

DCB for age-restricted content with an integrated AVS

Product Summary

Introducing kanzaroo DCB-AVS: The ultimate solution for integrating age verification services (AVS) into your Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) process seamlessly.

Expand Your Audience to Attract New Paying Users!

For Merchants

Compliance Simplified: Stay within legal guidelines e.g. in Germany for selling age-restricted content online with an integrated AVS.

Seamless Integration: Our solution fits effortlessly into your existing payment process, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience.

Enhanced Trust: Build stronger relationships with your customers by ensuring their safety and privacy.

Greater Market Reach: Expand your customer base by confidently selling age-restricted content online.

For Users

Uninterrupted Experience: Enjoy a smooth buying process with integrated AVS, with no need to navigate away from the purchase page.

Privacy Assured: Your personal details are securely handled and privacy is maintained.

Quick and Convenient: Direct Carrier Billing makes purchases swiftly without needing a credit card or any additional registration.

Secure Transactions: Feel safe knowing your age is verified through a trusted and secure system.

Key Product Features and Benefits

Age verification is only activated when legally required.

There is no need for additional technical or commercial integration for KYC/AVS on the merchant’s side.

Costs for the AVS process can be passed on to consumers or borne by the merchant.

A reserve-capture mechanism ensures that an AVS check is only processed after a successful payment reservation, reducing the risk of uncovered AVS checks.

Experience the Kanzaroo DCB-AVS difference today.

Selling age-restricted content online has never been easier or more secure!