Mobile Connect – KYC Match

A simple and easy solution for user identity verification.

Product Summary

Enables Service Providers (SPs) to compare the information they have on file for a particular user with that on file (and verified) by the user’s operator in their own KYC records (name, address).

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How it works

SP issues a request for the KYC Match service via the Mobile Connect API to the user’s operator including the information that they would like the operator to compare against their own records.

The operator processes the request, obtaining consent from the user (via their mobile device) for performing the comparison where required.

If consented to, the operator compares the received user information against their own records and returns a true/false result to the SP for each attribute that is compared.

Example use cases

Easy enrolment to new services by re-using the validated user identity previously captured by the operator

ID check for compliance with regulations

User identification to call centre or corporate

Remote ID & verification use cases in banking for new users & KYC refresh

Anti-money laundering (AML) check for online gambling

Basic compliance check for small value money transfers

Card enrolment/ID verification in mobile wallet

Key Product Features and Benefits

Simple mechanism for an SP to perform KYC checks without inconveniencing the user

SP option of sharing information either in plain text or hashed form (to protect user privacy)

Avoids data entry errors and mitigates fraud by utilising verified user information from the user’s operator to provide a comparison

Privacy preserving: Operator only performs a comparison and returns the result – no user information is shared with the SP

Flexible to support different consent models

Omni-channel: service can be invoked irrespective of the channel through which the user is interacting with the SP service (e.g., tablet, PC. mobile, Smart TV etc.)

Can be initiated by the end user (e.g., via the user’s browser when interacting with the SP website) or by the SP in the background hence supporting a range of diverse use cases

Single open standard API from multiple operators worldwide and single contract for accessing the service

Additional information may also be available from the Operator on a case-by-case basis; e.g.

  • whether the device has been reported lost/stolen
  • billing segment

Mobile account state (active/inactive)

Experience the Kanzaroo KYC Match difference today.

A simple and easy solution for user identity verification.